155 18th Street: Mixed Use Multiplex

One of Keller Developments most exciting new builds, 155 18th Street is a commercial/residential multiplex located at the corner of 18th Street and Princess Avenue. The building hosts a total of 29 residential units ranging from 1 to 3 bedroom, as well as ~7000 sqft of commercial space on the main floor.

Location is key with this build. Between the edge of downtown and Brandon University, 155 18th St. will allow for plenty of foot traffic to the commercial tenants. Residential tenants will enjoy the walking distance to the university as well as businesses downtown.

The building will be built with Greenstone ICE Panels, with the goal of reaching an energy efficiency rating 35% above code requirements. This project will also be breathing new life into a notable location, with a historical stone fence running along the south end of the property.

High visibility commercial space is available for lease! For leasing inquiries, contact:

Scott Bromley at (204) 573-9775

Darren Giilck at (204) 724-5180

Brian Baker at (204) 721-0928

3D Rendering and design by Myria Design.

Rentals available through Rhino Property Management.

Questions? Leave us a message.