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About Us

For Keller, who now owns and operates Keller Developments along with his managing partner & wife Jill Keller , the switch into general contracting and home construction began in early 2010. What started off as a few flip properties and smaller multi-residential complexes has turned into a full-fledge custom home building corporation; a corporation Keller is quick to point out has been built upon the sold partnerships between numerous key players in the development of his organization. Keller credits Darren Giilck of Royal LePage/Martin-Liberty Realty here in Brandon as one of his earliest attributes. Keller has known Darren for over 10 years. He invested a lot of time with Keller looking at flip houses and different property possibilities in the early years. In 2010 they invested in a duplex together and from there they bought a 4-plex. Fast forward to 2013 and the days of smaller revenue and flip homes are gone, making way for large scale custom home developments and property management. Still a part of Keller’s impressive organization, Giilck has partnered with him on three recently finished homes in the exclusive Brookwood area, including several other rural properties and continues to be an ongoing presence as Keller seeks out and is contracted for new builds.

Recognizing the importance of networking within the industry from his banking days, Keller notes most of the group of trades people he originally partnered with have worked with him consecutively on each new build and have stayed with him throughout. With a team of 15 presently composed of 5 journey men, and several 3rd and 4th level finishers, Keller Developments have an excellent pool of contractors and subs to pull from. From Budget Blinds and Able Eavestroughing here in Brandon, all companies that Keller has paired with are instrumental in making the selection process with our home owners less stressful and more enjoyable. We recently obtained our COR certification as of April 2015.

Evan and Jill have three young children. As a growing family, they understand the importance of and are committed to providing quality custom builds to fit your family perfectly.

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Please feel free to contact Keller Developments with any questions, comments, or to set up an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

Unit 2, 1875 Middleton Avenue
Brandon MB, R7C 1A7
204-728-1328 (office)
204-721-2010 (cell)

info@kellerdevelopments.com (email)

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Currently no job openings.
Please submit cover letter and resume to: jobs@kellerdevelopments.com

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